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Welcome to the Think! FoundationWelcome to the Think! Foundation.

Think! Foundation (full name: THINK! Knowledge Society Foundation) was established in 2007 in Warsaw, Poland. It is a non-profit non-governmental organisation majoring in the fields of public affairs and education. In October 2013 it merged with another Polish non-profit foundation, the Education Now Foundation, but still operates under the brand name of the Think! Foundation.

Think! Foundation was established by people with unique experience in education. Its founders have designed and implemented dozens of educational programs for schools and adults; at local and nationwide levels.

The aim of the Think! Foundation is supporting the development of young people and adults through educational programs and information and communication technologies. Among others we:

  • design and implement innovative forms of learning (e-learning, m-learning) through various educational programs and initiatives (with broad use of ICT in line with the SAMR concept);
  • strengthen and develop 21st Century competences among society members (incl. planned use of ICT tools and mass media);
  • monitor global trends in education and develop analytical work for the development of the education system in Poland.

The most important target groups for Think! Foundation are students at schools and universities, and teachers.

Our primary fields of interest are:

  • economic and financial education
  • consumer and civic education
  • teachers' training and development
  • digital education
  • development (evolution) of the education system


In cooperation with the Kronenberg Foundation since 2007 we run one of the largest financial education program for schools - Savings Week Poland. In cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Regional Development in years 2010-2012 we run a civic education program for schools named The Map of Changes. Range of these program is over 60 thousand middle school students and 2000 teachers yearly.

We focus a lot on multimedia educational content and virtual learning. In the above programs we use movies, blogs, multimedia presentations, e-learning courses on mass scale. We have a library of over 1000 educational movies created by students, and last year nearly 150 educational blogs run by young people generated over 400 000 visits in 3 months. In the past we have been using edutainment programs in cooperation with mass media to get to public opinion with economic education issues. Some programs generated a range of 8 Million viewers. We try to use the potential of internet and ICT tools to communicate educational message to the society.

Think! Foundation is active on the international level. We are a part of the European consortium of organisations that help to develop the European Comission's portal for consumer education: We often present results from Polish economic and financial education programs during international conferences (eg. Warsaw, New Delhi, Moscow, Washington, Toronto). We also run a website in English, presenting what is going on in that area on a global level.

In co-operation with the nationwide informal group of Polish teachers - Superbelfers - we organise training courses for teachers and develop their ICT and communication competences. The idea of the training is based on sharing of knowledge and experience, from active expert teachers to other active teachers.

We produce analytical reports and recommendations for improving the education system in Poland. We are co-organisers of one of the largest educational event in Poland: INSPIR@CJE (2014: - yearly, with over 300 teachers and educators debating on effective ways for the improvement of schools.


We presented our achievements in various international conferences and seminars:

2007 - New Delhi - Citi & FT conference - "Edutainment in Action or how to use modern channels of communication for effective financial education of the society"

2008 - Washington D.C. - OECD & US Department of Treasury International Conference on Financial Education - "Financial Edutainment in Action"

2008-2011 - Brussels - European Commission's Expert Group on Financial Education

2009 - Moscow - World Bank & Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum - Financial Literacy Seminar - "Financial literacy in Poland"

2009 - Washington D.C. - World Bank & OECD Workshop on Measuring Financial Capability and the Effectiveness of Financial Education - "Financial education and media"

2011 - Moscow - World Bank & Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation workshop on "Financial Education and Financial Literacy Program in the Russia Federation" - "International Experience in Financial Literacy: Designing and Implementation" and "Financial Literacy in Practice"

2011 - Toronto - OECD & FCAC conference on financial literacy, workshop "Social marketing and communication tools: How can we apply them to improve the design of financial education programs?"

2014 - Volgograd - World Bank & Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, seminar "Improving Financial Literacy: Best Practices and Perspectives"


Feel free to contact us if you need consultancy, expertise, education strategy development:


Marcin Polak, Think! Foundation,

biuro (at), +48-607 652 089