Think! Foundation is dedicated to foster 21st-century competencies and actively contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society and economy.
  • Our mission is to support the holistic development of young people and adults through innovative educational programs. 
  • At the core of our initiatives is a commitment to lifelong learning, where we integrate educational and business environments across diverse knowledge domains. 
  • Our approach emphasizes collaboration and synergy to efficiently execute innovative projects. 
  • We prioritize excellence, maintaining a continual interest in individuals, and firmly believe in the power of positive energy and the exchange of ideas.
  • We design and implement cutting-edge forms of learning, emphasizing the use of ICT in line with the SAMR concept. 
Target Groups:
Students at Schools and Universities
Teachers and Educators
Entrepreneurs and Adults Planning Their Career
Adults Considering Personal Development
Cultivating a culture of continuous personal growth and learning

Youth Entrepreneurs Program

In collaboration with Citi Foundation since 2007, Think! Foundation delivers the financial education program, including the Youth Entrepreneurs Program with activities such as training, mentoring, conferences, and meetings.


#SuperCoders Program

Collaborating with Orange Foundation since 2016, Think! Foundation conducts the #SuperCoders program in Poland, developing coding skills through teacher training programs and materials for elementary schools.

Business Market Conference

We bring entrepreneurial individuals together to exchange knowledge and share best practices during the event, which includes networking sessions, business presentations, keynote speeches, and expert panels. Since 2021, the 3 editions of the conference have attracted 1230 participants, over 50 experts.

Inspir@cje Conference

Recognized among Polish teachers and academics, Think! Foundation co-organizes two large educational events (Inspir@tions) for up to 750 attendees annually, since 2013, over 500 video presentations

#Financial Health Project

The project aims to enhance financial literacy and promote sound financial practices related to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on household budgets.  Aligns with the theme of "Build Back Better.", running from 2021 to 2023, in cooperation with ING Bank Śląski



Novigado Project

Leading a consortium, Think! Foundation spearheads the Navigado project, focusing on modern school infrastructure, ICT, technologies, and community issues. Partners include European Schoolnet, the Turkish Ministry of Education, and CANOPE (French Ministry of Education), running from 2019 to 2022.

EDUNEWS.PL contribution

Contributing to the top education website in Poland, EDUNEWS.PL (, Think! Foundation has been active since 2008, serving over 1.2 million users.



Superbelfers Training Courses

Working with the nationwide group of Super-teachers (Superbelfrzy) since 2013, Think! Foundation organizes training courses for teachers, enhancing their ICT and communication competences within the education system.

We would be delighted to prepare a project proposal that aligns with the goals and mission of your organization. We invite you to collaborate!


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